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Choose from a variety of photographic sessions and packages, ranging from our basic photo-shoot to multi-session packages that span the course of the whole year. While our focus is on the pets we know how they feel about you, and how they always put their best paw forward when playing with their people, so in all our sessions we invite you to get get in the picture and have fun with them.

Our basic sessions typically last 45 - 90 minutes, and result in 20 - 30 fully edited full resolution images. All sessions include a online web gallery where finished images can be shared and downloaded.

Printed artwork can be ordered directly from your gallery, in a variety of sizes and formats.

Visit our sample gallery HERE to see current print pricing.

Basic Packages


A Walk in the Park

Does your dog like to play? Do they jump and twirl and whine with excitement at the sight of their leash, or pant in anticipation of a ride in the car.  Is it a wide open field with room to run that really gets their tail going, or the day old scent-trail of a bunny that has them running and jumping through the forest in hot pursuit. If so this is the session for you. Whether its a high action game of fetch, splashing around on the shores of the Elbow, or just sniffing out the neighbors on a local pathway. If they live to get out of the house and explore the world, than this is where we want to see them.

In this session we'll take a walk through one of Calgary's many parks and if they're up for it maybe spend some time playing in an off-leash area. 


Hiking with Blue Heeler Puppy,   Mount Black Rock Fire lookout, Kananaskis Country Alberta Canada
pet photography sheepdog puppy in the kitchen
020616 - Oreo-68


Homeward Bound

Maybe your pup is happiest at home. Maybe there is no better place than a warm ray of sunshine coming through a kitchen window. Maybe chasing their favourite stuffed toy across the living-room is excitement enough, and curling up on the couch next to their favourite popcorn wielding human is truly the highlight of their day. If going outside is more a chore than an adventure than this is the session for them.

The perfect choice for very young puppies who haven't quite got a handle on the outside world, older dogs who are passed their prime, or dogs and owners that just really like to cuddle up at home.

This is also the session for non-dog owners. Whatever they are. Be it cats or bunnies, snakes or reptiles, even fish or birds, we'd be happy to capture lasting images of the creatures you love.

In this session we'll come to you, so that we can photograph your companion in and around the home and yard where they are most at ease.



Mini Session

A quick fifteen minute photoshoot at the local park. Typically results in 3-5 images that can be downloaded or ordered from your own personal gallery.


Premium Packages

animal photography calgary funny looking puppy playing in the river


The Adventure

Our favourite session - Choose your own adventure. Whether it's an urban adventure around town, a hike through the mountains, kayaking down the river, camping, fishing, duck hunting, sky-diving. Whatever you can think up we'll find a way to capture it...

A great choice for a "day in the life" documentary type series

  • Highly customizable anything goes session
    • Approximately Half day
    • Multiple locations and activities of your choice
    • Pre-shoot Planning and Consultation Session
    • 200km travel Included
  • Your own private gallery of  images from the session
  • Typically 50+ Images to choose from
  • $50 Credit towards your print order (min. $200 order)

A great pick for high action storyboards and gallery albums


4. Puppy Package

A three session package, capture your new puppy as it grows from a adorable little puppy into a full grown adult dog.

Session 1 @ 8-12 weeks

  • 30 min indoor
  • 1 Dog and Owner
  • Typically 10 - 20 images to choose from

Session 2 @ 4-5 months

  • 30 min outdoor
  • 1 Dog and Owner
  • Typically 10 - 20 images to choose from

Session 3 @ 6+ months

  • 30 min outdoor
  • 1 Dog and Owner
  • Typically 10 - 20 images to choose from
puppy photography alberta polish sheepdog

Includes a 20-page 12”x12” Hardcover Photo Book



puppy dog photography calgary blue heeler in the kitchen

5. Seasons

A four session package to document your dog through all four seasons of the year. Typically 10-20 images from each session, and a custom designed storyboard. 


6. Family

For responsible breeders who find themselves with a litter of puppies. Professional photos will help you secure a home for all the little ones faster and easier.

Photo Package

  • Documentation photos
  • 2 Photographers Choice Web Ready Images of each puppy and both parents
  • Digital images of all available documentation (vaccine certificates ect.)
  • Does not include web gallery

$100 + $15 per puppy

Web Package

  • Dedicated web page
  • Hosted on our site
  • Gallery of Images
  • Brief write up including any family history, breed basics and links for more information
  • General notes on each puppy if available

$300 + Photo Package

Not Just for the Dogs

While canines are our most popular models, we're happy to provide services for all of your other furry (or not so furry companions). Whether they be reptiles or rodents, fish or fowl, equine or bovine, and yes, even those of the feline persuasion. Send us an email, and we'll be happy to tailor a package just for you. 



Visit our sample gallery HERE to see current print pricing.

  • Add a Dog - $25.00

  • Add a Person - $50.00

funny animal picture blue heeler shaking paw calgary alberta

If there is something special you have in mind either for a photography session or a printed product please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

All package pricing does not include printed artwork. Finished images are photographers choice. Photographer retains all rights and ownership of all images. Add on prices may be subject to conditions. All packages maybe be subject to conditions. Prices may change at any time without notice. Please visit our questionnaire page HERE for more information and full terms and conditions.